The JD Massey Classic will award up to $20,000 in prize money and incentives on Friday and Saturday, 2019.  $200 to the winners of Championship classes ($100 to trainer and $100 to owner); and $200 to another randomly selected horse in each Championship class ($100 to trainer and $100 to owner).


EventMix and its sponsors will provide a free webcast of all sessions of the 2018 JD Massey Classic at

Hospitality Tables

There will be cash bar and bar area every night, with table service and drink coupons on Friday/Saturday for those who sign up for a Premium Table.  Check out on Sponsor Form under the Prize List/Forms tab above.


Sandra Hall is the official photographer for JD Massey.  Visit her web site at

Pig Pickin' Barbecue

JD Massey will host a pig pickin' barbecue on Friday night after the show.  To sign up as a barn participant to bring a side dish or dessert contact Allen Bosworth at

In April 2019, the JD Massey Classic Horse Show celebrates its 86th anniversary.  The original event, which started in June 1933, was known as The Greenville Horse Show.  The founding members' determination for the "show to go on" continued its success even during World War II.  This year's event, heralded as one of the longest continually running American Saddlebred shows in the country, is a reflection of similar determination.


Darrell Case Will Judge


We are pleased to announce the Mr. Darrell Case of Simpsonville, Kentucky will serve as judge for all Saddlebred, Hackney, Roadster, and Equitation classes for the 2019 JD Massey Classic.

Prize List


The Prize List will be available in December 2018.  We will add five classes (check under schedule tab). There is one more ADD A CLASS available.  Contact to add by email to show manager at  Cost per class is $300.

Board of Director News


The JD Massey Classic is pleased to welcome Carol Addison, Sara Bennett, Lisa Decuir, and Shirley Hughes to its Board of Directors. Each of them has unique insight and ability to continue the traditions of this horse show into its 85th year in 2018

$20,000 in incentives

JD Massey Classic

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Key Contacts

Show Secretary:  Ms. Beth Snider; Shelbyville, KY; 502-314-7960

Horse Show Manager:  Mr. Dan Shirley; Simpsonville, SC